after schooling who are in touch with friends?

January 5, 2010 1:03am CST
hi friends, after schooling no one will be in touch with their friends why i don't know because of their busy scheduling may be,but friends don't be like that as we are educated and we know that friends are forever and be in touch with your friends atlest in phones,as we know the value of friendship and don't break the values of friendship please friends be in touch with your friends.
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7 Jan 10
bhardwaj,i also thought that why the friends will be changed after schooling.i never fond in friends i have no so many but some.even my best friend never calls me no messages some time i feel very frustrate with her but what happen to make frustrate our self.after some days i forget because i am busy in my life may be she is too.but i love her so much.
@lahari (133)
• India
6 Jan 10
Its true that there were some friends back in school with whom I have lost touch,but thanks to our personal mobile phones and the internet(with its various features like social networking sites,email,instant messaging) I am in touch with most of my friends. As we grow up in life we meet a lot of people and make new friends but school friends are always special, because the bonds we make during our childhood are the innocent bonds made from the hearts where the calculative mind doesn't play dirty games! These are the friends we should treasure throughout our lives!
@sirill (48)
• India
5 Jan 10
hey hi bharadwaz.... yaa after schooling many of them will b bussy with their own life.. very few tht they keep in touch with others... i do hav a frends with whom im having in touch... really very happy to hav such good frends... im very glad tht god gav me wonderful gift...
@jithinpg (87)
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5 Jan 10
It happened in older days of school/college life and will not be happening anymore. Because some years back, the Mobile phones arent much popular like today, Internet wasnt available widely and lot many cases. But the situation had changed today. Raising of technology, widespread of Mobilephones, growing popularity of Instant messengers and social networking sites contribute mainly into this change. In older days when friends leave eachother, they have no mobilephones to contact eachother. But now almost everybody in a home had personal mobile number and SMS became more popular than before. Social networking sites tag friends together whereever they are. Instant messengers provide another way of communicating to friends worldwide. The modern age school and college students can be in touch with their beloved friends as long as they wish with the modern technologies. Now after several years since my school days, i got so many old friends back into contact through social networking sites. So, the present age friends are more lucky than old ones. :) -Jithin :)