Do you think "illness finds its way in by the mouth"?

@msq516 (61)
January 5, 2010 3:53am CST
Do you think "illness finds its way in by the mouth" true or not? I think it is true especially in today's world. We eat more meat less vegetables and fruit. In order to get delicious taste, we add too much additives. Many foods are polluted. All these make us ill.
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@DenverLC (1143)
• Philippines
5 Jan 10
This post shall be more proper if it is place at the health site. Anyway just like an open wound, our mouth is prone to virus attack and entrance and will cause different illness when not treated right away. Let as choose the foods, things or whatever we are letting in in our mouth to avoid germs transmission from outside to our inner body parts. Mouth is only for food and kissing(LOL) no more no less not for germs especially.
• India
5 Jan 10
Yes to a extent what we eat definitely contributes to our health.right kind of diet is absolute are very correct to observe that taste food over balanced diet can ruin our health
@JAYMAR777 (840)
• Philippines
5 Jan 10
In a way yes, but not only the point of entry. It can be also through the skin, the ears, the eyes, the rectal area, and the genitals. Food now adays are fast, convenient and has long shelf life, but it could jeopardize our health (as what you have just said). But somehow I guess people are more aware now about health. People are more into fruits and veges. There is even a speculation that vege could be at par with the prices of meat. happy new year.
@qpzmzjx (41)
• China
5 Jan 10
of course, the illness finds its way in by the mouth. the biggest thing of human is eating and taking exercise. sports determine your health level, and diet influence it too. but sometimes people have the same dinner, they responsed differently. for example, i have the same foods with my roommate, even go to bed at the same time, what out of our exceptation is that there are many faceboxes on my face. maybe my health statue is not so good as them.
@PastorP (1170)
• United States
5 Jan 10
Greetings msq516, I would say most illnesses find their way in by mouth, but not all. As at least one other respondent noted, there are stds. Illness also comes in by punctures, breathing, and absorption. I would agree that there are too many chemicals in our foods.
@nocturn98 (956)
• Venezuela
5 Jan 10
Maybe it's true for majority of illnesses. It is usually because of what eat or what we don't eat. But there are others that doesn't find their way in by mouth like STDs.