how do i know if shes the right one?...

United States
January 5, 2010 11:13pm CST
my girl so great, and we are so good together, but are we perfect for eachother? are their signs or anything to know if she is really the one? the one i will love forever? is there a sure way to know that we will stay together?
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• India
9 Jan 10
its good to know you are good together but see whether you can hold on with one another during tough situation if you both are together at any problem,helping each other than she's perfect for you and you both are made for each other but if you start fighting and blaming each other or separate out the she's not the one for you...
@hawwisu (63)
• Nigeria
6 Jan 10
well, girls of nawadays are not trustfoword so is very difficult to no the right person. when i met my lover ( now about to mary) they was what i did befor i met her & what i did was, in my mind i immagine the type of girl that i wont in my life, i took a pen & a paper rote down how i wonted her to be, her hight, shape, good manner, her dress & etc on how i wont her to be. so on a very good day at a friend birthday party, i saw this prity girl that has all thos things that i always wonted, when i saw her i said this is the person & by the time i got close to her, men.... very dicent and God fearing lady. so is good to think the kind of girl u wont b4 u meet her.
@Oskar28 (33)
• Philippines
6 Jan 10
If you have this realization, that you see your self married with her in the future. You love her so much that even her weaknesses is accepted by you. And one thing, if she and your love for her makes you a better person. Aside from that, you are aware that in the future euphoria will be decrease and her physicality and other qualities may change and if that's happen you already decided that you are ready to love her again and again whatever may be. So, do you think is she the right one?