movies trailers vs movies reality

January 6, 2010 1:38pm CST
This days advertising has gone a little bit to far for the movies. When you watch trailers you're so impress and you just want to leave everything you're doing to go watch the movie but when you watch the movie you start thinking about what you could've done with that money or time you spend to watch that movie. Sometimes you look for some scene that you saw in the trailer and you don't see it in the movie. The there a people's critics, people are so blazed by special effects that they appreciate a film only on the special effects rather than the story or the actors perfomances.
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6 Jan 10
I like watching movie trailers. I think it's really fun. I'll haunt Apple trailers and keep an eye out for new trailers. Trailers are better today than they've been since the dawn of filmmaking. Have you ever seen a trailer from the 30s to the 60s? They were TERRIBLE. Either they told you the entire plot of the movie and there's no point in seeing it anymore or they told you absolutely nothing about the movie and expected you to go see it for the stars. Trailers have certainly gotten better. I may be a trailer junkie, but not every trailer makes me want to go out and see a movie. I can pretty much tell which movies are not my thing (Horror Movies and Raunchy Comedies are pretty easy to spot), and which movies I might be interested in (This looks like FANTASY! Yay!). I also go check out some critic's opinions, and I go by critics I feel have tastes closer to mine. I'll also listen to the opinions of my friends and my family. You can't rely just on trailers. Of course they're going to try and make it look like a movie you'd want to see. Do you think they'd make any money if the trailer showed all the boring parts and said "This movie really sucks and you'll feel like you wasted $10." ? Of course not. They want you to think the movie's going to be awesome, so they'll show you everything awesome. And as for scenes that might appear in the trailer but not in the movie, they might have been in the movie at one point but got cut after the trailer was made. They didn't purposely film something for the trailer just to make it look more exciting. It's been my experience that critics will still trash movies that have great effects, so I don't know where you're getting the idea that people are blazed by them. I've read tons of bad reviews of "Avatar", in spite of its special effects.