Where can I get inexpensive internet service for a laptop?

@apples99 (6562)
United States
January 6, 2010 4:32pm CST
Is there a cheap but good laptop internet service provider? I'm asking because I'm about to get my first laptop computer and I dont want to pay a fortune for service and just so you know $40.00 bucks a month is to much for me, so if know of a good company that provides laptop service or a connect card service I would really aprecate it thanks.
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• India
9 Jan 10
Well i also don't know about internet plan from your country but talking about good cheap internet service then u need to set your priorities what do u want more speed or more download limit if u go for download limit u wont get speed and if u go for speed u wont get good download limit but what good is speed without unlimited downloads. So it all depends on what are u doing online if u play online games, social networking, chat,random surfing, or myloting. Every thing u do online is downloaded which comes under download limit but slow download speed can be seriously frustrating.
@gloamglozer (1285)
• Australia
6 Jan 10
Just checked your profile. You're from the United States so no matter what you'll always get a better deal than where I come from. I pay $50 a month to get 60Gb peak downloads and 60Gb offpeak. When I exceed that limit, my internet gets throttled. I only get speeds of 800kb/s and from what I've heard from others in the US, for that amount you can get a lot of speed and unlimited downloads.