Piercing my tongue.

January 7, 2010 4:35am CST
I first got my tongue pierced when I was about 17 years old. I ended up having to get it repierced about 4 times because it kept closing. I am 29 years old now and I've been thinking about getting it done again. What do you think I should do?
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• United States
22 Jun 10
Heyy :] I had my tongue pirced when I was 15, so far I've done it two times. Personally, I love it, its fun to play with, I miss it alot. It could be dangorus if you dont take care of it, just keep it clean. I say do it again if you like it just keep it on so it won't close, lol if you don't want someone to see, or you cant use it because of work use a pink one.:]
@lelin1123 (15595)
• Puerto Rico
7 Jan 10
I thought that was more for teenagers and younger adult in their early twenties. I think you really shouldn't because you can infect your blood stream with the metal that you put in you tougue. Its can also end up with a speech impediment after a period of time. At 29 years old I would think you would be over this faze. Don't you have a big hole in your mouth now from the first piercing.
@Ravenladyj (22902)
• United States
7 Jan 10
I think you should do whatever you want to..if you really want to get it done again then go for it..I had my belly pierced back in my late 20s and it closed over but I'm goin to get it done again this summer...next month I'll be getting my eyebrow pierced and I'll be 40 this yr...Some ppl think its silly...but quite frankly I could care less what they think..Body art/mod is something I'm very much into andn thats what matters.. if you want to really get it done again - GET ER DUN!! LOL