SFI Affiliate is scam?

January 7, 2010 9:08am CST
Recently I have joined with SFI Affiliate. It this site is scam ? Please tell me. I am from India and if anybody is a member of SFI and getting payments on regular basis, then please tell me in details about the job.
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• Chennai, India
7 Jan 10
SFI, seems to be a business that was running good, then turned into worthless. I've read a comment like that in another forum. Some bad decisions of the SEO of that site ruined the business, it seems. I think the following article will be helpful. http://www.takeoffzone.com/articles/do-not-join-sfi.html
• Philippines
25 Apr 10
I have seen that testimony posted on the web not only once, but many times. It seems the owner of the content of that website, or the author (Javier Garcia), keeps on posting the same content on different websites over and over again. That's strategy is not new to us. Someone with bad experience with a company can make use of his bad experience to "smear campaign" against the company either thinking he can make revenge or to promote his new businesses. Yes, it is true. SFI is guilty of changing its compensation plans in the past. But please understand why they did that. There are many reasons why do that. It's either they discovered the compensation plan is overpaying the affiliates and needed to be changed for the company's survival, or the compensation became obsolete and no longer competitive in the market that's why they need it to be changed. For a man like Javier Garcia, I do not buy to his testimony. As I have said above, there may be reasons why he keeps on posting his testimony on different websites on the web repeatedly. He's promoting something new. It's his strategy. But I'd like to ask you about his failure: Why is it affiliates in his batch continued to do good in SFI while he quit? Some affiliates of his batch are earning good money even until now!
@oneidmnster (1387)
• United States
7 Jan 10
SFI is a lot like Amway.You have to pay money or buy something to start.Then in order to make your money back,you have to find others to do the same.It's basically a pyramid.I my opinion,it's a waste of time.