What would you do with $300 million dollars?

January 7, 2010 10:18am CST
$300 million did the film Avatar cost. When i heard the budget of this movie, I was determined to buy it (so i did write the release datum down). This huge budget makes you expect a lot of this movie. A week later I saw the trailer and it looked crap. That was a first indication that this is going to be a bad movie. After i saw the trailer i changed my mind. I'm not going to buy, but i will download it. But eventhat was a bad idea, because when a saw the movie, i thought o my god. This is a bad movie because the CGI characters look like without any expression. Realy awful. Not to mention the crappy and flat story line nd the lack of any character developement. It just sucks and it's hyped by the media who don't have no idea about how bad this film is. Wat is you idea? I guess .....I leave it to you.
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• Bulgaria
9 Jul 10
$300 000 000 I can`t imagine how muney is that :) I will Real estate investment.Buy house in DUBAI :) And party all summer long :D