do you teach your childeren to really know and love God?

January 7, 2010 1:26pm CST
I hope this doesen't get to controversial and actually i wrote about this on own blog a couple of days ago. When i was a kid the greatist gift my parents gave me.... and i really mean the greatest gift was to teach me to relly really love God. do you teach your childeren to really know and love God?
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@eden_shii (508)
• Australia
23 Sep 10
I am not a parent myself. But I've seen how my parents and my friends' parents brought us up. We are taught to know and love God and others. I think it is important that parents teach their children "the training and discipline and the counsel and admonition of the Lord." I think this is the best gift our parents can give us. In my case, I found happiness (though not perfect happiness) and a satisfying life despite hardships I face because I know that God will not leave me. Even if I am out of my parents' sight, I know God will be with me. I respect that there are many people who are too busy to teach their children about God. But I think this is really helpful. It is also a good protection. I do respect if there are parents who won't teach their kids about God.
@emjsar15 (140)
• Philippines
9 Jun 10
Yes. I teach my children to know God and love Him most. But the nature of all the teenagers now is a lot of difference from us when were at their age. They become lazy going to church every Sunday and they pray seldom. Even I gave them my self as an example on how to serve God i taught it doesn't matter to them, still they are ignoring what was i'm teaching them.