AdSense is making me crazy!

United States
January 7, 2010 5:04pm CST
I got an email from Google telling me that they detected inappropriate click acitivity on my account and they threatened to suspend or cancel it, reduce my earnings, etc. I have done nothing to promote my sites for several months, so how could this be? I'm not using link exchanges, not posting on ptc sites, nothing that is listed in their TOS as prohibited. It is so frustrating to know I have done nothing wrong, have them threaten to take my money, and refuse to offer any explanation. If someone went to my site and clicked ads just to be clicking, how can I know that, or control it? I went to my analytics dashboard to see where my visitors came from, and all were from search engines, the link in my email, MyLot, or other blogger pages. It is just infuriating to think that all of my hard work could be destroyed by an undoubtedly automated program that may be misinterpreting data. Grrrrr...
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