Election 2010 automatic or chaotic-problematic?

January 7, 2010 8:24pm CST
News on comelec's election automation came in every tri-media's topic giving us to think a hundred times whether the election will take place or failure of election will happen or back to old days- manual system. Automated machine should be in the first place be in comelec's hands before 2010 to give time in preparing and educating election officers on how to run those machines. Given that the machines will be here early this year, will they have ample time to educate teachers, the masses on how it works? They say, its just like you are betting in the lottery- come on, even lotto goers have hard time understanding the system (LOTTO). May 2010 election is fast approaching and where are the machines? Are we ready already? I dont even know how it works. They should conduct campaigns on that system so that we could participate, know and will know if the election's fair. Now just recently, government system was hacked. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?-It is possible that the automation of election or the system will be hacked. Do they have back up anti hacking device to prevent machines from hackers? Automation is good but the preparation is not enough. Comelec need to further their drive on the system's features. May 2010 is a call for change. So will you go for automation or manual?
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• Philippines
8 Jan 10
I think the machine is secure and safe. They have the gadgets for emergency purposes and it cannot be hacked in one day only. Unless there is no 'inside job', the machines will be safe. But the problem is that the specific number of machines are not yet done. Manual or automated election is still the same. There is still 'vote buying', flying voters, etc. So it's up to people if we want the election to produce an honest result. It is up to people if they want to have a development in their country. It is up to the people if they want to self grow. It is up to the people if they want to be disciplined.
@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
8 Jan 10
hey! look, don't so be pessimistic here, our election system here is stone age so let's give this new system a try, whether it is manual or automated we can't eliminate the cheating, this is philippines, anything is possible when i comes to election, but the thing is we need to trust the comelec and the new system so we can move on from tons of paper work during election...have a nice day!