From Which Person Have You Learned Most In Your Life?

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January 8, 2010 5:51am CST
Hi friends, All of us have learned something from everyone ( of course, leave the third parties ) we met in our life. From which person have you learned most in your life . It might be your parents, friends, spouses, grand parents, teachers, pass-by people, neighbours, relatives, colleagues etc. I have learnt a lot from my parents and secondly from my friends. what about you friends?
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@syankee525 (6261)
• United States
8 Jan 10
i did learn from my parents, but i also learn alot about love from my wife who had stood by me through alot of stuff since we;ve been together. i also learned aot abotu God from a pastor friend as well
@allknowing (130423)
• India
8 Jan 10
To talk less from my husbad, organised living from my mother, artistic living from my father, hard work from my eldest brother, get to like my routine from my pets, tolerance from my maid.
@skalijnp (147)
• India
8 Jan 10
It same to me. Primarily I have learnt about life from my parents and after that from my friends. Teachers are also positive in this discussion. There is no limit to learn in this world. every moment we can learn little bit things of life. Every relation teaches us about a lot of things of life that we can't deny. We have to face all these.
@Hadame (194)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 10
It's my parents... Since both of them are teacher... :lol: And i learnt much things from my brother, cause i want to surpass him...