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January 8, 2010 6:07am CST
Hi friends, who does not want to look beautiful everyday, but how should one do it. If you want to feel and look beautiful every day, here are some tips that you should check out. You can take a cucumber from your fridge and slice it up. You should close your eyes and put the slices on your face eyelids. Keep it there for ten minutes. After that simply rinse your face, use warm water for it and do not use any soap. You can also use apple slice in place of the cucumber. If you have dry skin, you should mix a cup of mayonnaise in some beer and apply it on your skin. Let it be there for about fifteen minutes. After that simply rinse with warm water. This will make your skin soft and supple. You can make a wonderful facial with the fruits in your fridge. You have to take up some bananas, strawberries and pears, which you to put inside a blender to blend them away. Apply it in a thick fashion and let it sit there for atleast a period of ten minutes. The natural vitamins and nutrients in the facial will help you to treat the skin. Wash off the mixture with warm water. You can sue soap to remove the mixture. If your skin fells soar after a facial, you can use a mixture of half cup of white vinegar in three cups of water . You have to splash it all over your face to get a clean feeling. All these beauty tips are not something difficult to do. In fact they are very easy and can be easily prepared with the help of the material found in every home. So try them and see how they keep you beautiful all day long.. Hope these tips will be useful for you
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21 Jan 10
Thanks for these tips priyavivek. If you're interested this site has 50 more fab beauty tip As i get older, i really need all the help i can get!
@neelimaravi (1793)
• India
17 Jan 10
hi priya, how are you, wow, very nice tips yaar, i have learn beautician course long bank.. yeah, these tips are very useful for everybody. thanks for your discussion, have a nice day.
• Philippines
9 Jan 10
you can try using brown sugar and virgin coconut oil as body scrub.after scrubbing it,the skin feels smooth and skin can easily absorb the moisture.I also love using squeezing lemon in my bath adds scent in my bath water.the scent stays in my skin the whole day.