Any good deits to help me lose 20 pounds?

United States
January 9, 2010 2:37pm CST
Hi, I'm about 20 pounds overweight, so nothing too crazy, but I certainly don't work out as much as I used to when I was in college. I've been slacking since I graduated. I'm looking for some sort of diet that will help me lose about 20 pounds. I don't need anything too crazy, it's not like I have have to lose 50 pounds or anything. I saw something called the black dress diet where you get info sent to you via text message ( ) which might be pretty useful because due to my job, I am on the go constantly so I don't really have time to sit around reading websites or anything to learn what I need to eat. Has anyone tried this? Or have any other recommendations? I'd like to lose these 20 pounds by June when I'm going to start going to the beach again. Any advice for me? Thanks!
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@wuyuanhua (114)
• China
10 Jan 10
Do you know what bean curd help you lose your weight? You can eat it , and you don't feel hungry. because of the bean curd isn't with energy,only protein. Please try it.
@allknowing (89409)
• India
10 Jan 10
I went in for a no food in the night diet. I had my snack around 5 and a soup in the night and a cup of milk. This has worked with me I am down 20 pounds in a year. Try it. It might help you as one needs to eat during the day for the exertion that we put in. A walk would also help
@Bearballew (1149)
• United States
9 Jan 10
Don't do a diet. Diets are a state of mind that set us up for failure and also indicated that it's just for a short period of time. Instead, decide to change some things in your life. If you are trying to get healthy, then this will be easier for you to focus on. You will also think better about it than a diet. Diet indicates after you're done with your weight loss you can go back to the things that got you where you are today. make positive changes in your life and the pounds will shed and a new body will come out..inside and outside! I would say start with the things you KNOW aren't good for you. Eliminate those right away. Don't eat them up, just get rid of them. Then seek out a great book or group that can help you add positive changes to your new lifestyle. I'm also changing things in my life. I need to loose 25 lbs this year. I'm journaling in one of my discussions. Come leave a comment and read what others are saying to encourage me and others like us! We're in this together. You can get some great tips and read and respond to what I'm going through. Perhaps you'll be helped by many other encouragers! You can change your life! We can help! Bear