2010 and the Changing weather??? wats happening to the world??

January 9, 2010 7:36pm CST
2010 is finally here thats awesome. ts as if the due year is really about change. the who world is getting colder. Every where temperatures are dropping rapidly. Could all these new weather changes result in many future chaos?
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• Germany
14 Mar 10
you are making me nervous ..lol I thought it is only me wondering of so many one after another calamities in the world. And temperatures are cold - thats true! It is the first time since a decade ago that our winter lasted for over a month. I know there is a part of the Bible which mentions about things getting smaller, weather changes, etc.. are signs of the end of time. And every time new models of handys, computers, radio, camera and alike comes out of the market getting lighter and smaller, i can not help but wonder if the end is getting near?