What is your idea of beautiful life??

January 10, 2010 12:50am CST
Share your wishes that you want to have in your life to make it beautiful.....
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@shavvy (86)
• India
13 Jan 10
i think beautiful life is when i am with my loved ones and spent my good moments forever...I want make my beautiful life happy when i do what i really dream of and think positive, love to travel and explore my whole life with my partner..
• India
13 Jan 10
@masay7 (89)
• Gambia
16 Jan 10
No celebrity status, but sufficent income to take care of the basic needs. And a loving wife to build a wonderful family
• China
10 Jan 10
I wish I can lead my life with nothing to fear ,do the right things and be free.
@Java09 (3075)
• United States
10 Jan 10
For me,I love animals and own my dog,he makes my life better.He likes to comfort me when I feel sad or something.He senses my moods.I enjoy peacefulness and when people get along together.I don't like fighting or violence.I believe in God so he helps my life to feel at peace for me.
• United States
11 Jan 10
no war! I would have plenty of money where I didn't have to worry, and my fiance and I would be living in the country where the dogs could run. Everyone would be more cautious about what they did and how they treated our earth.
@bryce22 (69)
• Poland
15 Jan 10
A beautiful life is having everything in order.Once your contented you'll life will have beauty.Your life beyond is your control so in everything you do,do not blame anybody if you commit mistakes because the blame should be with you.Beautiful life defines what you do in your life.