Good Business?

January 10, 2010 5:47pm CST
Our food business is down for the past 2 years, and now i am thinking of a new business. but because economy is bad, i cant think of anything? in your place, what business can you see that is succesful? be it food, clothing, jewelry or education..
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@reezap (7)
14 Jan 10
They say the best business in times like this is engaging in the food industry. From what I notice, in our place, a lot engage into franchising particularly in the food business. I don't know if the return is good but I think such kind is running well. Its hard to think of a business to invest in because there is no specific industry where you know you can be sure of a high Return on Investment. There are also instances when you really have the passion for business that opportunities come without your intentions.
• Philippines
15 Jan 10
that is very true, and may i askm are you from the philippines? because in our place there are also a lot franchising in food business. we also tried franchising around 3 years ago but did not last long, we franchised to a french fries with dip, but problem is , selling price is too high and people in that area was not ready yet that time to buy expensive fries.
@Fulltank (2894)
• Philippines
10 Jan 10
I don't understand why your food business is down. Whatever the economy brought to us, people will still eat every day. Maybe there's something wrong with how the business is run. Or maybe the competition is so intense that you lose customers. If the economy is still really bad, then I would suggest not to put-up a new one but instead keep the current one alive and strive to be on the top.
• United States
10 Jan 10
Since the economy is bad, if you want to start a business, I think the best route to go is to do something that doesnt cost you much overhead. I would for example, do Affiliated Marketing and thats basically selling other peoples products online and you get commission off of them.