what song/s do you cherish and you can consider eternal?

January 10, 2010 8:54pm CST
hello! PLEASE SHARE A SONG OR SONGS THAT YOU FIND IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGET.YOU may indicate the artist or version or movie. Please do tell what made it so, how it became...the when and where.Hope to get into your senses thru this discussion.I would love to hear your thoughts and understand how you feel.Let's go down to memory lane.Shall we? :)
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• United States
11 Jan 10
One song that I will never forget is Forever yours by Xandria. It is gothic in nature, but a love song. Actually, I have dedicated this song to my boyfriend with whom I have planned to spend my entire life. When I fist heard this song I almost started crying because its lyrics explained how I felt for him. There was one time when I had to give him a gift. I chose to give him a Cd full of love songs that explained the love I had for him. That time, I actually didn't consider having that song on there. I burned one and then suddenly thought it was not enough. SoI burned another one. This time the first song was Forever yours. He heard both the CDs, but this is one song that struck him bad. He just couldn't help but cry. And even now he says that everytime he hears it he gets tears in his eyes. And it is because it lets him know that I will be with him forever which is something he never expected to come from the person he loved so much. You can just say that it is our song.
• Philippines
11 Jan 10
Yes, i agree! I am familiar with that one.That is one wonderful song to share here, thank U.It has intense, poetical and deep delivery of words and instrumentation moreso from the singer. I too have a way to keep my man with me...it's thru songs that aim straight to my heart as well.Keep loving,girl!