Rhythm or Lyric, which ranks the top?

January 11, 2010 4:27am CST
I have been thinking this question ever since i started to listen to Korean and Japanese songs, which are not my mother tongue at all! i know, English also isn't my speaking language at home, but i am wondering, why am i so attracted to Korean and Japanese songs lately? i bet you guys could guess whether i can understand those songs or not. And yes, the answer is a 'NO'. Still, is it wrong? inappropriate? illogic? what do you really think of listening to songs, musics which you cannot even understand their lyrics? For me, or for all of you who love music, a song is not just consist of lyric, but also rhythm. How on earth could a song stands without any rhythm right? but think it again, when you're listening to music, the first thing which attracts you are the rhythm itself. even the lyric must be sung according to certain frequencies and pitches, notes and so on (i'm not an expert in vocal or music though). Back to my problem here, i don't think it's something to be ashamed of if someone comes and asks you about their meanings, and you don't have to since what you value isn't necessarily both lyric and rhythm, but it could be only the rhythm which features smooth, touching, persuasive and nice-to-ear tones. However, i'm not saying that i don't understand all lyrics when i listen to the songs. at least i did some checking and making me to understand parts of the lyrics. but honestly, you'd better prefer to learn first the language before you check and try guessing their meanings, that's a problem too, disappointingly. No matter what, everyone can listen to musics, but whether or not they know how to appreciate them, depends on each one of you...
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