What really motivates students

@dpalais (130)
January 11, 2010 8:25pm CST
Every time that I was ask if what motivates me to go to school, I have so many answers.If I think that the person asking that question is serious I always answered that I am motivated because I want to achieve something that's why. I am really motivated to go to school because I believe that this is the way of helping my family, and I want to be somebody someday.I want to uplift my standard of living and the easiest way to do this is by finishing my studies. Some students when ask, they answered that they only want to get their allowance,they don't want to go to work.I believe there is a deeper reason beyond.How about you what motivates you to go to school?
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@labz211 (16)
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
I go to school because it's for my own good. I want to finish my study. I want my dreams to materialize not just to remain as a dreams. Have a good job someday. Promising future. And by that i can help my family and a promise made years ago to me and my cousin will be done.
@lil_che (12)
14 Jan 10
We all know that many of us students motivated by our allowances... But for me money doesn't motivate me in order for me to go to school. I am motivated because I have my own dreams and there's something that I want to be someday. I know that achieving my goals can make me and of course my parents to be proud of me. I know that finishing my studies can help me to become a better person...