"Go back yesterday and be millionaire now or billionaire!!!""

January 11, 2010 8:35pm CST
If will be given a change to set a time to back in the past i will choose to go back yesterday.But before that i will write down the list of the winning ticket numbers in the lottery of today so if ill gonna be back yesterday iLL gonna bet for the winning ticket numbers that ive been listed down.So i can surely win for that..YEAPEYYY...
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• United States
12 Jan 10
Actually that might be smart considering if you go back in time to far and make even a single decision differently it could alter your entire future from that point. So with that line of thinking I would go back to the week before Christmas. The megamillions lottery here was at 230 million dollars. So I would have made sure I won that lottery. Man that would have been a great Christmas. Oh well, we can dream...
• Philippines
12 Jan 10
Well raven, it is a good idea because you are living in states..Thats a huge amount..What will you do if you have that amount of money?? you cant spend it for a day or for all of your life and im sure your gonna invest some of that money in a business or buy some properties but what business do you think it could be???Or would you like to deposit it in the bank as a time deposit??let say 30% of that will you want to be in a time deposit or invest it in a business??