Why myLot is using only PAYPAL??

January 12, 2010 1:12am CST
Dear Friends, I do not understand that why myLot is using only PAYPAL? On the internet there are many websites those are using PAYPAL and ALERTPAY both. Some other websites are also accepting Credit cards, checks and bank transfer. I think the myLot management should also use ALERTPAY, Credit Card and Check etc. What you people say ??
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12 Jan 10
actually paypal is more reliable and older compony than alertpay.
@vinslounge (1297)
• India
12 Jan 10
Hi friend. The reason is very simple. Alertpay is not being widely used like we use paypal and in my country Paypal is accepted for transaction and not alert pay and as Mylot is a site which is open to members from all the countries, it is always advisable to use paypal. Even then there are countries which never use paypal and stil there are users from that country who are active in Mylot hoping that Paypal service would soon be operated in their country and that's how the mechanism works. Have a great day and cool mylotting. Cheers here:-)
• United States
12 Jan 10
I haven't heard of ALERTPAY, but it would definitely be a lot better if MyLot would pay us through Credit Card transactions or checks. That would make it way easier for a lot of people to get there money. Me, personally, I don't like the fact that MyLot will only pay me with PayPal either, because then I have to go through the hassle of sending it to my bank, or just buying something online. I'd way rather just have the money on my credit card. Maybe you should complain to them in an email? Haha. That might make them change their policy, but it probably won't work. :/ Hopefully in the future they change the way they pay people around here. Happy MyLotting.