January 12, 2010 3:03pm CST
How do you view marriage? Do you think marriage makes our life more complete? Would you try hard with your own efforts to find that special someone with whom you would like to share your life with or would you rather leave that to the hands of God? What are the main factors that lead to a long lasting marriage? Would you choose someone whom you love more or someone who loves you more as your partner? Hope you can share your experiences here. If you have any good views on marriage, feel free to post your comments here.
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@stlenst (20)
• China
16 Jan 10
As age grows,I found that I must get married. It's so important for my life. I need a woman to talk with me when at home. I need someone could share my joy,my happiness.She's not beautiful but in my eyes she's beautiful. The very thing is when we stay together we feel free.Marriage is the gift God givs us.
@mistlady (114)
• India
15 Jan 10
Hi liumay88, I believe in marriage but I also believe that marriage is one of the things that makes life complete. It is a very special relationship, the coming together of two people and as such also very delicate! Sometimes if we make marriage the sole purpose of our life and happiness then we may turn out dissappointed because relationships require a lot of time and nurturing. Getting over-involved my result in frustration that can eventually affect the relationship. If we view life in its totality then it is easy to forget and forgive and forgiveness is a very important ingredient of a good marriage. I believe that marriage is a means to an end and not an end in itself! I would choose someone whom I love very much and also someone who loves me to be my life partner for only then can we understand one another. If in a marriage one has to try hard to make it work, then I believe somthing is missing. Lots of times relationships don't work out but then it is best to come out of a sour relationship instead of dragging on and making efforts that are stressful and a hindrance to one's peace of mind. There are lots of people whose marriage does not work out but they are still very happy people. Marriage does make life more complet, but I still believe that it is one of the components of a happy and healthy life!!
@edu4625 (188)
• United States
13 Jan 10
Even though I am not married I believe marriage is a good thing for people and society. It is a powerful connection between people who want to show their committment to their love and relationship. I do believe that genuine love can happen or come to us in many ways. It can be by accident or through someone introducing you to a person. I would definitely want to be married to someone whom I feels as loving to me as I to them. Actually I think "love" is " love" and if you love someone you do. It's not about quantity but quality. Some individuals have a harder time demonstrating the quality of their love but I don't believe they love you less. This I think is one of the main issues for people in understanding love. It's how we show love that defines how we feel.
@chrislotz (8200)
• Canada
13 Jan 10
I was married once, when I was 26 years old I got married. I have two children from the marriage, one before we got married and one after we got married. My marriage didn't last very long because once we got married I grew up and he didn't. But that's not to say that I think marriage is no good. I would like to be married again one day but not till it is the right person. I lived with a man since my divorce, for 12 years and that didn't work out either. I am glad I didn't marry him or I would now have to go to the expense of another divorce. We didn't have any children together because we were older by the time we met. I was 40 and he was 41. So breaking up was easy as far as financial and proceeders go, although it was upsetting emotionally. I still want to get married one day. I am now 52 years old and looking for that right person. I won't settle for less this time.
@saphrina (31733)
• South Africa
13 Jan 10
My personal view and opinion of a good and healthy marriage, is MUTUAL love respect, trust and loyalty. You have to have all of this just to get the marriage started. You are not only a married couple, but very best friends, as well. You have to be able to talk about anything and be open with each other, when not happy about any issue or problem in the relationship. Yes, i believe that God has a hand in every marriage. But you are the ones who have to make it work. I chose someone who i still after 18 years, believe with all my heart, when he tells me every morning when we wake up, that he loves me. I love him with all my heart and whether he loves me more or i him. It doesn,t really matter. As long as both of you feel the same about each other, that is what will make the marriage worth while.
@stand87 (666)
• Bulgaria
13 Jan 10
Marriage is a serous step in life! We should not look on the marriage as a joke. We should be sure that we want to get married and that we love the other person. I'm not married and in my opinion people should be very careful with marriage! It don't prove love it's something formal. I have friends that wanted to get married because they didn't want to lose the amazing girl they are with. And that's why they got married. They thought that using marriage they'll catch the girl for lifetime. Guess what, they are in divorce now!
@Robyn28 (384)
• Canada
12 Jan 10
I think some people view things differently ,but this is how I see it. I've been with this man for three years and we knew right away about the feeling of the one. I believed if you loved that person more then anything and you messed while together and for the most part could agree on things and knew you enjoyed each others time together and were willing to work at things and knew it wouldn't always be easy. I'm engaged now it's recent like as in Jan 3 rd I know were a good match he's not perfect ,but neither am I. Were having a family to it wasn't planned for ,but we wanted to be committed to this child and raise her together. I figured marriage was the next step. I did want to marry him too being pregnant with our child just meant things would change for us. I think it was love at first sight the way we met it was, we love each other I'd say even more now since he proposed. If you can love someone and be flexible and compromise on things and have laughter and not sweat the small stuff and learn to pick your battles or not let some things bother you things will workout as long as you put work into the relationship like bring some of the romance back. No matter how long you've been together that's important I look to my parents they've been together 30 something years and their happy it's not perfect ,but they work at it.