How can I sleep?

January 12, 2010 9:51pm CST
I am sleepless every night. Some year ago, my doctor told tome that my insomnia is rusulted from biological clock confusion. And I know this confusion is mainly because of the job I was engaged with 6 years ago when I was a chef and worked on night duty. These year I quited that job but insomnia is always with me. I often sleep at dawn(about 6 clock) and go to work around 8 with my exhausted body. After a torture whole day, still, I can't sleep in night. The humorous thing is that I can sleep very well in day time. I regularly take herbal medicine, but it doesn't work! Is there anyone can give me a solution?
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• Indonesia
17 Jan 10
Well this is the first time i hear about this. My Brother actually work in nigh shift a lot, but he don't have the problem like you do. When he work at morning, he doesn't really have that kind of problem when he sleep at night. Try to watch a very boring movie when you feel like sleeping, it is always work for me, even in a day time when i don't feel like sleeping at all. Thanks.
• China
18 Jan 10
thank you for your suggestion. I also think that few people have the problem like mine. but it indeed happens on me.
• United States
13 Jan 10
biological clock confusion?lol.......everytime i've heard "biological clock" it had nothing to do with you must slow your mind down and relax. i was an insomniac for over 30 years. i now can sleep but i had to learn to key my mind and body down. no tv, no magazines, no hanky panky, and no caffeine 2 hours before bed!!! make sure your room is not to warm but rather cool. take a very warm bath with some epsom salts about 1 cup. sip some bottled water while in the will need it with the salts in the water. lay in the bath for at least 20 minutes as warm as you can stand it. relaxes your muscles and pulls excess water out of your body. i like favorite is lavender. then i take coffea get it at the health food store. 5 pellets under your tongue let them dissolve and you will be asleep in no time. while they are dissolving just close your eyes and think about your dream everytime. but you must help your mind to slow down or you will always be on overdrive. good luck. zzzzz nighty night
• China
13 Jan 10
Thank you very much for sharing your experience. You wrote in detail. I think it must be very helpful to me. I will try as what you said. Thanks again!