The hovoc cameras can do!

@alpha7 (1910)
January 13, 2010 4:26am CST
A Man invited a friend to shopping sometimes ago.When they got to this shop,this Man,his friend and another young lady,making three people bought so many things and when it was time to pay,this Man who invited this friend left the shop through another way and left his friend alone with this young lady who paid.THis friend passed through thesame cashier together with this young lady.After a while,they went after these two people because the payment was fake and the camera recorded seeing them together at the cashier's desk.You see the havoc the camera can do!The real fake man left through another channel.What do you think about cameras been used in judicial system?
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@PastorP (1173)
• United States
13 Jan 10
Hi alpha7. Commenting on the title of your post, cameras really don't create havoc. Wicked people do. Hopefully in your judicial system they consider other factors and the defendant can explain things as you did. What is seen on the camera's video should not be the only "evidence." A wise judge or jury would need more evidence.
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@alpha7 (1910)
• France
13 Jan 10
Thank you for your contribution,as you have said,a 'wise Judge or jury' would need more evidence before anything.As a matter of fact the camera suppose to be used just to help in the investigation and not for judging at all.I wonder why thesame camera could not record the wicked Man while leaving in another direction.Lots of questions!