Tea or Coffee

@Java09 (3080)
United States
January 13, 2010 7:32am CST
When I wake up I feel I have to have my cup of coffee.What do you drink tea or coffee?I can't aquire a taste to drink tea ,so I always prefer coffee.
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@stand87 (666)
• Bulgaria
13 Jan 10
I prefer coffee. It refreshes me and make my mind clear in the mornings. But I prefer tea for illness. When I have headache, flu I drink tea with lemon. It helps! What you prefer depends on your nerves too. You see, coffee is making you more nervous when you drink a lot. Tea is calming your nerves down, most of the teas are.
7 Mar 10
oh yeah!!!!coffee can make our mind clear!!!
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@portisray (503)
• Philippines
3 May 10
Its always been a cup of coffee for me when I wake up in the morning...errr... of afternoon hehe.. well, it depends if I am already hungry after I wake up... I have to eat first..but sometimes if still I haven't decided what to eat, well, then coffee first...
@Thiala (101)
• United States
23 Jan 10
Oh I have to have my coffee . Without it I can't wake up and I'm grumpy !
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@nexan29 (86)
• Philippines
16 Jan 10
I prefer on drinking coffee everytime i wake up. Because it was my habits every day and it refreshes me every morning and also it contains antioxidant which is good to your health.
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@vycess (1588)
• Saudi Arabia
14 Jan 10
I would prefer coffee For the reason that it makes you active. I can drink tea when necessary maybe iced tea. I don't like the warm herbal teas if you are referring to that. I just like iced flavored teas.
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@yogeshdhusa (2236)
• India
13 Jan 10
Hi ! Java09 I prefer tea because it contains less harmful substances than coffee and i have developed taste for tea Thank you for starting the discussion
• Philippines
19 Jun 10