cold weather foods

January 13, 2010 10:37am CST
What food makes you feel best in cold weather . For me it hot hearty veggie soups and raw soups... I believe Raw foods are the heathiest but warm food is the most emotionally comforting What is you expierience?
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@PastorP (1173)
• United States
14 Jan 10
Hi flowerpeople. In cold weather I prefer warm or hot foods. My favorite when I am really cold is hot oatmeal, almost as hot as I can stand it. That definitely warms me. Other hot foods include microwaved potatoes, other cereals. I'll even warm up an apple in this cold weather.
@saphrina (31732)
• South Africa
13 Jan 10
My mother makes the meanest peasoop, that u have ever tasted. Thick, warm and wit the chunkiest goulash. A nice hot curry and rice and of course nice 'mieliepap' with the most delicious beefstew. I think i should call my mom, right now.
• Philippines
13 Jan 10
Actually I don't have specific food that I like to eat during a cold weather because my appetite depends on my mood for the day not on the weather. I eat any kinds of food regardless of the weather. I even tried eating ice cream during a rainy and a cold weather. But most of the time, I feel comfortable eating warm or hot food during a cold weather. I think it's best to eat warm noodles during an extremely cold weather.