When do you think Rex will find out that Stacy's baby isn't his?

United States
January 14, 2010 1:30am CST
When do you think Rex is going to find out that the hoe's baby isn't his, how do you think he will react? I hope he finds out soon I am tired of that scandalous hoe taking advantage of him.
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@Catfreeek (346)
• United States
28 Jan 10
It's gonna get dragged out because Staci has Mitch's blood for the DNA test. When do you think Fish will find out the baby is actually his? I think Kyle with run a secret DNA test because he doesn't trust Staci. Maybe Staci will fess up after Mitch steals the baby.
@leeloo (1492)
• Portugal
18 Jan 10
I think as Mitch becomes more and more obsessed with the baby Schuyler will hopefully get a backbone or be driven by fear and claim that the baby is his, in the confusion with Rex claiming that he is trying to steal first his love then his kid, Schuyler will demand a blood test and Mitch will pop a fuse when the blood work matches neither and then pandemonium will set in. For all this to happen though the baby has to be born and that may take a while so I doubt there will be any easy or quick solutions.
@stealthy (8181)
• United States
14 Jan 10
I think they will drag it out for at least another month or more so that Stacy will get a chance to come up with some scheme to get around the baby being a month later than it should be. Perhaps Mitch will play some part in that without intending to. I can't see Mitch being any thing but mad and murderous toward Stacy when he learns her child is not his grandson.