AVATAR movie

January 14, 2010 1:41am CST
I watched this movie two days ago, its a nice movie to watch and the message that he wanted to convey is done nicely, we must protect our forest, the greenary around and the balance in nature that god has created must not be disturbed I think everyone must watch this movie
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@rsa101 (24134)
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
It reminds me of a parallel story in history when early European explorers were colonizing the American continent which were inhabited by natives back then. Basically that is how they were treated back then when they wanted was the gold resources of America. They devastated the Mayan Culture and the whole of American Indian Natives. But in the movie it seems that the story of colonization of Pandora was in favor with the natives and that mother nature itself joined in to stop the humans from getting what they wanted. I also like the idea that their world was all connected with each other and there is an ongoing harmony with everybody in their world. They seemed to be interconnected with each other. There may be a superior being but still all lower creatures are beng respected by the one in the hierarchy of how things are. The message was really meaningful and I love the story ending even though human was shown to be in the bad light.
@wizteen (504)
• India
14 Jan 10
I havent watched this yet. one of the reason is my exams and the other one is, the 3d version is not available in theaters in my city so not too excited about it. but if i get an opportunity to watch it in 3d ill definitely watch it.
• India
14 Jan 10
yes i had watched that it's awesome. i feel that we are traveling to the another planet.i am a fan of Cameroon . i became his fan when i was 8.i watched his Jurassic park movie from that i became a fan of him. avatar the title is different and i like the animation of that movie it's really awesome.and i like that artificial plants,horses... i like that some particular land are flying in the air...
@elitess (5071)
• Ipswich, England
14 Jan 10
Hi there Ruby. I have seen the trailer for Avatar just yesterday when i went with my girlfriend to see another movie at the cinema. It sounded interesting, and even a bit more with what you told me, and i do agree that it is a movie to be seen once, but i don't think it is "the best movie of 2009" like some people called it just like i didn't think twilight was such a big deal either. There are some movies that are born great, others are what we make them i guess :)
• Malaysia
14 Jan 10
I love that movie..Very strong message and thrilling to watch, I enjoyed watching every second of it.. There are funny, touching, sad and suspense feeling when I watched it. It all blend so well. I don't mind watching it again.