Saying an appreciation is the best motivation for me.

@dpalais (130)
January 14, 2010 4:23am CST
I am really motivated when I know that some one is happy when I am doing things right.The tendency is I give my best to the things that I do.I give extra effort I do sacrifice things just to do my task. I always make it sure that I won't disappoint that someone who trust me.But when some one keeps on expressing or telling me that they are thankful or happy all over and over again I always get offended I don't know why but I feel doubt that the person really appreciate me.
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@lil_che (12)
14 Jan 10
hi miss dpalais... same with you i'm happy when someone appreciated when i do things right. doing things that makes my family happy will make me very happy. i do everything for them to show them that i really love them and I'm happy that they appreciate all the things that Ive done. I don't want to disappoint someone I just want to see them happy...