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@dpalais (130)
January 14, 2010 4:35am CST
when we start working or even when we apply for a job and we hope to be hired that's why we give are best during the interviews.But isn't it that when we are hired we are excited to start in our new job? During the first months of our job we are motivated to do always give our best to prove that we can do something and we prove that we are qualified to be promoted and if we are promoted that's an achievement and we are motivated to do our best again to achieve higher position. But what if after how many years of exerting effort we are in the same position when we started? Isn't that we already tired and quit or our performance will never be as good as before.
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@labz211 (16)
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
Can't deny that won't affect my performance if that's the case. You've given your life in that company and yet it don't even recognizes your effort and sacrifices. It's already unfair. Maybe I'll even resign in the early years if I can feel that my effort is not appreciated even a bit. Find a company that can appreciate my effort. Who is in the right mind to continue working in a company when you felt your not needed.
@lil_che (12)
14 Jan 10
doing your job well done in the company and you didn't receive any promotion will make you tired and quit in the job. you give your every effort in working their must be something that you should receive or your boss should give you. promoting you is one of the best reward that the manager should give to you for doing your job well done...