China Responds To Google: Go To Hell

United States
January 14, 2010 3:26pm CST
China's initial public response to Google's threat is in, and it's what one would have expected: "Go to hell". Now the two can start negotiating quietly behind the scenes. We still expect this war to be resolved in a compromise in which both parties declare victory and reserve the right to kill each other later. There's a substantial that Google will be forced to chance, however, that Google will be forced to actually follow through on its threat and leave the country.(Backing down at this point would be a disaster). There's no chance, meanwhile, that the Chinese government will allow itself to appear to be pushed around by a pissant Internet company. So Google had to have expected this.
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• India
17 Jan 10
There is nothing unexpected on China's response to the issue. China has very strong policies on many fronts and its perfect example of the same. I would expect that both the parties will come together for mutual benefits because both the parties are well aware of the damages.
@jwfarrimond (4474)
14 Jan 10
Yes, just the sort of response to be expected from a despotic dictatorship that cares nothing for the basic right to free speach that most of the rest of the world enjoys.