3D television will come out this year

United States
January 14, 2010 6:19pm CST
With the advance of technology, we are going to have 3D television sooner within this year. With 3D, you can enjoy your movies in whole new different level. The cost of it will be around $2000, and I think that is worth the price. I don't watch much 3D movies, but that is a breakthrough. We can bring our movie experience to our own home. I just wonder what kind of DVD set or DVD movies would be suitable for 3D television?
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• United Kingdom
15 Jan 10
I love all things technology! I would love to have one of those but I'm going to have to wait quite a few years until the price comes down significantly! It sounds like a great idea and I'm sure the whole experience would be very exciting. Andrew
• United States
15 Jan 10
Well, I would love to own one myself. Like you said, it is too expensive to have one once it just launch out to the market. I might wait until the price significantly drop down. Otherwise, I won't even dare to buy one yet.
@Kalyni2011 (3497)
• India
18 Jan 11
I saw one in the mall, but price is bit high, the present budget will not permit us to buy this year, may be next year though, while looking at the 3d screen, i felt as if i was standing there , the scenes were almost real.. hands off to technology friend,, kalyani
@danitykane (3190)
• Philippines
15 Jan 10
hello kingparker, With advance technology anything now are possible. I have seen the boardless television from LG and I find it really cool. I wonder what will be the viewing experience with 3d television. I bet it will be awesome! I think it's a bit pricey but if I have lots of money I will for sure buy one.
@Jimeous (858)
• New Zealand
15 Jan 10
I don't watch 3D movies either... Although the technology is coming out I wonder how popular it's going to be with studios considering it is far more expensive to do a 3D film over the traditional 2D. I am likely to wait until there are a decent amount of 3D television programs before wasting money on a television set which is likely to be outdated by the time there are enough 3d programs to warrant owning one.
@warvial (1153)
• Singapore
15 Jan 10
Here in Singapore, JVC has already rolled out their 3D TV last year December during an IT fair. The size is almost the same as a normal 40" LCD TV but you have to put on that 3D specs to simulate your 3D sense. I did not ask for the cost as I don't think I can afford and neither do I want to buy it. Answering your question, I don't think we will need special kind of DVD sets for the 3D television. I think it's the disc that we are watching that plays a part. But please correct me if you have any information because I am quite outdated (and sometimes, inaccurate) in technology aspects. Cheers