Age gaps in dating.

United States
January 14, 2010 7:59pm CST
I've talked to a lot of people in different age groups lately and I look at older kids dating younger ones. I heard there was like a three year law where as long no charges are pressed the older party can't be prosecuted for physical acts. I don't really know much about the laws and such. I like a girl who doesn't turn 16 until june and I wonder how I should act with that. I'm 19 and the idea is pretty new to me. What do you mylotters think? Interesting fact; the average married couple is 5 to 10 years apart.
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• United States
15 Jan 10
ok my husband is 6 and a half years older then me. we met when i was 20 years old. law states that the 2 of you are ok in most states some states no you can look at having charges pressed and it doesnt have to be by the parents the state can pick up the charges. now personally when people are older i dont see a problem with the age differences. you can be 70 with a 20 year old its your business. now before 18 i see an issues with it like a 17 year old with a 30 year old. the only reason is though is until you are about 18 and sometimes not even then your goals are changing and you want differnt things ten you did before etc. its just part of growing up and growing apart. now i am not saying you are to old for her your ages are fine to me now if she was 15 then yes i see an issue cause well its a mental thing unless of course she is more mature and such. i mean when i was 14 i worked and lived on my own and was supoorting my sister. but i had a not so great mom or dad. alot depends on life style, home life, etc. just be careful she still has alot of growing to do and well to young to be a mommy etc. take your time and enjoy life and going to movies etc. dont rsuh her and dont let her rush into things that she thinks she is ready for and may not be. i was 17 and thought i was in love found out that i was not really ready for what all i got out of it. i was with him for 2 years and thought we would be together forever we had a baby and home life etc but found that we grew apart. now i am marrie dto someone else
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@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
15 Jan 10
for me, seeing a guy dating much younger, let's just say 5 years younger, is fine with me but when i see guy dating much much more younger than him like 6-10 years younger, my eyebrow beginning to rise
• United States
15 Jan 10
heheh thanks for the chuckle. What do you think about the younger ages though. I mean it's obvious the maturity gap between 13 and 16 is a lot larger than that of 22 and 24. DO you think that makes a difference?
@l33tgirl (289)
• New Zealand
16 Jan 10
My boyfriend is four years younger than me, I'm 27 and he's 23. We started seeing each other when he was 21 and it felt weird at first. My friends made fun of me because he so young but it was just harmless teasing and they were ok with it. I think age gaps are fine as long as you and the other person are on the same page. I mean if a 19 year old dates a 45 year old who is divorced and doesn't want anymore children that may cause problems if the 19 year old may want some in the future as they are just starting to think about those sorts of things. People need to want the same things in my opinion, again a 25 year old that likes to party won't do well with a fifty year old that likes to stay at home. As for sixteen year olds - just be careful. The difference between 19 and 16 is that you are an adult and the 16 year old is not. If their parents are over protective they could make dating the 16 year old difficult.
@hexeduser22 (6703)
• Philippines
15 Jan 10
I don't really date women two years younger or older than me. I feel uncomfortable and sometimes I feel I'm looking at my little sister, when there is someone I know dating someone two years younger than him.
@masay7 (89)
• Gambia
15 Jan 10
This is as sensitive as ever. its true love knows know boundry age, nationality race etc, but its our duty to exert morals. Again this depends on the country and society u coming from.... i think a 10 year difference is ok, what s not acceptable is for a 50+ to maary a 20-30 year old person...