Does being good looking allow you a swift climb of the corporate ladder?

January 15, 2010 12:28am CST
As we all know in today's competitive society, it seems insufficient to be just equipped with excellent academic qualifications. Attaining great scores, attending the best universities, going through the most stringent internship may not necessarily score you that post you have been eyeing at. People do pay lots of attention to outer appearance as well. Thus making the cut in the intelligence department is no longer the only core ingredient to climbing that corporate ladder fast. You may need immaculate appearance coupled with a great sense of dressing in order to secure that highly sought after position. Given two candidates of the same calibre, who will score at the interview.. the better looking one? So good looks do matter? =)
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@crystal11 (157)
• Malaysia
3 Mar 12
I guess good looks will help you get through the door. But once your mouth opens at the interview, you better be able to talk confidently because this will decide if you will be an asset to the company or not. Good looks and good grooming sense alone will not guarantee a permanent job.
@bounce58 (17522)
• Canada
9 Feb 12
I use to think this. Just after university I worked in the cosmetic industry. Most of the senior managers were all the 'beautiful people'. Yes, they may have been good at their job, but it was easy to justify their promotion when they did a good job. And I saw the not-so-beautiful people languishing at lesser roles even though they excerted the same effort.
@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
19 Jan 10
It really depends on the position one is applying for. For job that requires direct human relations and contacts, looks do matter. But for much many positions brain and experiences matters that most. However, some employers want to have both, a good look and a right qualification. Sometimes it is really unfair, but that is how businesses goes often today to remain going well.
• United States
16 Jan 10
It is a known fact in United States that good looking people have more chances of climbing the corporate ladder. It is not that bosses just are attracted to them because of their facial structure. It is because good looking people are naturally confident and communicative. This gets them to the top position. We have been always studying this in most of our business classes. Now to answer your question with this, I would have to say that it is likely to that the good looking one will win over the interviwer.