cyber lovers....

@obe212003 (2301)
January 15, 2010 3:13am CST
I had this lady friend who works in Canada. We met in a chat room, she insinuated the chat and we started to be close friends. She was not intimidated by our age gap; actually, there was mutual respect. She was so heartbroken with his ex, whom she met also in a chat room, that she was constantly asking advice on her situation. Obviously she was in love with her ex, having almost a 3-year relationship, but not being able to meet him personally as he is in another country. She was most of the time at home in front of her PC and waiting for her ex to be online. One time, she called me and cried, "I dont want to lose him!"; apparently, her ex had another girlfriend from chat. i was kind of bothered by this and told her to get a "real life" spend more time in the real world and to stay away from her PC as much as possible or not to go online. That's the last time we chat and never heard from her again. was i harsh? any comments...
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• India
15 Jan 10
Sometime truth is bitter but you have to accept it. What you did I don't think it was harsh. You did what a true friend will do in such a situation. She might be thinking you were harsh. Let her think so, the day she will realize the reality she will get back to you. Bye, Take Care!
• India
15 Jan 10
one absolutely she will get back to u ....
@billzehua (573)
• China
23 Jan 10
Hii,there, cyber love is kinda of naive to us if it hasn't gone real, and that's the stuff mostly the 90s do here in China. Although i understand they have difficulties to meet the other part across the border, it sounds like she falls into addcition with her, waiting all the time online to talk to him. And by the way, I do feel there are quite many hot ladies in Philipine.
@adhyz82 (36255)
• Indonesia
23 Jan 10
i think it`s very similar for my experience.i dont know how to act to my cyber friend who say she love me. iam shcoking.iam speechless after hear that admit even i know from her gesture she like me.
• United States
15 Jan 10
Well it sounds like your friend was in an unhealthy relationship but yet she didnt want it to end. You were being a friend trying to help but she may not have wanted to hear it. I think you did the right thing, someone needed to tell her. Its ashame she didnt see your concern the same way. I am in an online relationship and there are days we do spend more time than we should in front of the computer but it works for us. We made a promise to each other to have a healthy mix of time for both us and our real lives. So many times one becomes deeply in love with online relationship and neglects the real life responsibilities. When you have a family you need a happy mix so no one is suffering from your online lifestyle. This takes alot of work and is sometimes an emotional rollercoaster but we make it work. Dont carry to much guilt about what you told your friend , it needed to be said to her.
@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
15 Jan 10
I think you are not harsh in giving your opinion to her. I think you are just doing your part to give good advice to your friend. It's right that we should spend more time in real life than spending time in this virtual world. Because every online friendship had more risk to take than in real life world. If one day she came to understand your advice is for her own good, she surely will continue to come online and chat with you and become one of your friends. Good luck to you, friend.