do you know that?

January 15, 2010 5:50am CST
hi i am khan student of science, i want to share something related with you know science is very important for human beings .how? listen do you know that people have not having knowledge of things which they use like, things they eat, wears, equip, use, etc. science made us so easy to live but it makes us poor .how? i tell you ,if we want to on TV then what we do we only press the button of remote and TV get started and now a days science is so develop that if we want to use any electronic device in our house only we have to press the button of remote and device get started. i want to say that peoples should use knowledge for good not for bad. i give some example like, if want to communicate with other only we have to do is use mobile phones, computers on internet,and various electronic devices of communication, it is good use of knowledge and using this techniques for destruction like missiles,guns,atomic and nuclear bombs are the example of bad use of this science.what is your opinion tell me with your comment. your friend akwzys with you , khan.
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