Friends turned Lovers

@masay7 (89)
January 15, 2010 5:54am CST
Its a fact that atimes the best of friends in can turnd into lovers. I have seen this happen and will continue to happen... what do you think about friends who later turned into lovers? Does it work? should it happen? lets hear your view?
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@Avinigav (238)
• Indonesia
21 Jan 10
That's great, masay7. I think, before turn into lover they must be friends. And it's work, really work. because they've know each other better. Hmm.. about should it happen... I can't figure how it's happen. That's just happen. Same as me, Me and my girlfriend turn into a lover that started from friends.
@nautilus33 (1831)
15 Jan 10
Hi! Yes, it is true! Many best friends, well in the most cases a boy and a girl, but they can also be two boys or two girls, fall in love with each other, and that happens, because they are so long together, that they already knows the likes and dislikes of the other, they know the character of the other, and and have completely become well acquainted with their best friend and he/she is not any more just a best friend, he/she is his/her love! They also have discovered that they have the same interests, which makes them even more close to each other. That are the reasons, why best friends turned to lovers!
• Philippines
15 Jan 10
that's ideal because you guys know each other already. and should there be any problem and if they so decide to end the so called relationship, they have a friendship to fall back on.. it's really cool to have your best friend be your partner, because in that way, you guys will feel comfortable with each other..