do you believe in those future telling people

@xmlukax (231)
January 15, 2010 3:22pm CST
do you all believe in all those psyhics and future telling, card telling cofee reading, etc. for me i believe in what i see, so i dont believe those people but i do believe in supernatural but only in those stuff that i have saw like deja vu feeling because i know exactly what will happen cuz i have dreadt it its hard to believe but its true. i have learned abaut the ancient runes and fortune telling from runes but its just not true. and that people say tha if you see two same numbers on clock like 15:15 means something but this is just bull
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@levis143 (70)
• Philippines
16 Jan 10
I don't believe in fortune telling for no one knows what will happen in one's life in the future. Only God knows. Fortune tellers will give an account to God. They will be held accountable.
@megamatt (14323)
• United States
15 Jan 10
I do not believe anything these people say. To be blunt, I think they are out and out frauds. Most of the things that do come true are completely vague predictions that could fit the criteria. Plus, I'm the type of person who thinks their future is not set in stone. I make my own destiny. My destiny does not make me and its not predetermined. Nothing is set in stone in this world and these people have made a fortune off of the gullible.
@Fulltank (2894)
• Philippines
15 Jan 10
Nope, i don't believe in any of them and never attempted to see one myself. Better to left my future unveils for itself than someone telling me what was my future looks like. Me and only me can predict the my future based on the things I done in the present. If I want my future to look brighter, then I must strive to achieve it in the present.
@donsky14 (5961)
• Philippines
15 Jan 10
Well, I believe some of them...specially if their predictions do come true. But not all of them are to be trusted.