What makes it so you go to heaven?

@cmhjjh (99)
United States
January 15, 2010 6:39pm CST
I am a Christian I was raised Christian. I believe Jesus walked this earth and was crucified and rose again three days later to save us from our sins. I have accepted him into my life, heart and soul and ask for his forgiveness daily. What I wonder though is what if their is a God(the same God I believe in) and Jesus hasn't walked the earth yet. Is believing in him and living your life for him enough. We are all to be judged when we die how do we know what makes the call. God is loving and forgiving is he going to forgive one who believed in him worshiped him lived their life for them but didn't believe Jesus had walked the earth? Do we as humans try to make it more complicated then what we should be is that the Devil trying to separate us so we aren't as strong of a force?
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@levis143 (70)
• Philippines
21 Jan 10
I encourage you to study more the doctrines in the Bible, specifically the Gospels and the Book of Romans, so that your questions will be fully answered. Assurance of salvation cannot be based on human feelings, moods or efforts. We need to add to our faith Knowledge, so that we may not fall away. It is very very important that we have a personal study of God's Word and daily meditations, so we may be filled with knowledge and understanding, and more importantly we may be able to live in holiness, which is exactly the will of God for us. The main Goal of Bible Study is to get to know Jesus more and more each day. We need to know our Jesus!
@joetag (63)
• Philippines
18 Jan 10
As a Christian, one goes to heaven by following Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of our Heavenly Father. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. If we talk about going to heaven, we talk about being with our Heavenly Father. No one goes to our Heavenly Father except through Jesus Christ.
• China
16 Jan 10
I'm very glad to see this discussion when I'm trying to use this website first time.In china,there r more and more people becoming Christian.I'm believed in my heart deeply with no doubt in the prime time when I joined the church,but there r so many attractions in the real world which we can't face to .eg.telling the white lies in work ;earn more money to improve our parents' life quality.most of thing like this r annoying me so much.maybe the devil works...I have to much to say,but my baby cries.will discuss later...
@DenverLC (1146)
• Philippines
16 Jan 10
Being merely a christian in faith without Godly driven actions is a vain. Sometimes we must go out from our own shells as christians. We must let other people know that we are indid christians for us to influence and save souls too.