Would you rather marry someone you love, or someone that loved you?

@Hanan_x3 (294)
United States
January 15, 2010 11:08pm CST
You can't have both. Which would you pick, and why? Would you rather marry someone you love, but doesnt love you... or... Marry someone that loves you, but you dont love?
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• India
17 Jan 10
Well ! I will marry only that girl who love me and I should love her tooo...
• Southend-On-Sea, England
16 Jan 10
I spent 12 years in a marriage where I didn't love my partner, though he did love me. On the opposite side of the fence, I had a long relationship with somebody many years ago who I lived to bits, but he didn't love me. Both of them were recipes for disaster, so for the future, I am either choosing to remain solo in life, or if I did meet somebody and want to settle down again, the love thing would have to be reciprocal - e.g. he'd have to love me and I'd have to love him, both equally.
• Spain
16 Jan 10
I think is more important to love than to be loved. Why? Well, if you love someone then you feel hapyp with that person, if that other person does not love you back is their loss at least you know you gave it everything.
@lelin1123 (15632)
• Puerto Rico
16 Jan 10
This is a tough one because I want the love both ways. Since I can't have it that way I would rather be loved then love them. I say this because I know I will be loved and taken care of in a way a man who didn't love me wouldn't care. The man who loves me and marries me will always be there for me know matter what. At least I would hope so.
@sagnik42 (3594)
• India
16 Jan 10
Why can't I have both? I want both... Well, in my case, the person I love is going out with someone else. So, I cannot marry her, I think. So, I will have to go for the other option, unless I fall in love with someone else.