let us help Haiti

January 17, 2010 10:57am CST
Situation in Haiti is disastrous. Many died. Many remained without home. Country is in ruins. But that is a chance for us to help, a chance to show our humaneness. Everyone could support Haiti. It is easy. In my country there is a campaign inspired by the Red cross - sending a sms to a particular number you give a small financial support to the victims. I already sent a few sms - not much - for just 2 - 3 euro. But guess in many other countries there are campaign like this and if everyone make such a small donation that would really help. And also if we think for a minute we will see that we would not find a reason not to help - no one will get poorer with a few euro less. So let as help. Let us popularize this idea here. Let us use mylot not just for earning a few cents but for something really good and significant. LET US BE HUMANS !!!
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