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@kayens (19)
January 17, 2010 7:47pm CST
How can one earn maximum from his /her blog and particularly from My Lot?
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• India
18 Jan 10
If you are looking forward to make a living with blogging then their are certain things you need to know is that you cannot make big amount of money by blogging at starting for a long time you have to spend at least 2 yrs blogging for making a decent money for living with blogging because you need to have good traffic on your blog your content should be genuine not just copy paste stuff and most importantly you should make a blog on the topic you love or are most interested in so you don't get bored of your topic and eventually make a new blog every time you need to stick to one blog for a long time and it is recommended that one should update blog daily if you are looking forward to make a decent earning from your blog.Look up for interview with johnchow on your he is one of the top bloggers and you can go to johnchow.com for looking up some kewl trick on how to make money online. And For making good money from mylot its the same you have to spend as much time as possible on mylot by posting as many replies as possible.I post around 70 every day i just started mylot like a week ago and i have made goal of answering at least 70 post a day.Another way of earning good money would be having as many referrals as possible on mylot and by answering hot topics doing tasks. Another thing wile blogging you can earn money with everything on you blogs like by linkbuck.com with links, sharepic.com in this u get paid for uploading and shareing pic nt much but altogether it can be useful and if you are having some to sell or for downloads you can try sharecash.org,ziddu,hotfile,kewlshare etc for earning money For details pm me here
• San Jose, California
14 Feb
How do you get gooid traffic then?
@Aquitaine24 (5346)
• San Jose, California
14 Feb
There is no maximun.It really varies depending on where you put the blog,subject matter and other's interest.