Why did you choose your credit card company?

@maezee (37238)
United States
January 17, 2010 11:01pm CST
I'm just curious as to what made you choose to apply with the credit card company that you did. Whether it be Chase, Citi, Capital One, etc - why did you choose that? What were the factors that played an important role in your decision? I'm with Citi Bank and 1st Financial Bank and between the two of them in about $800 of debt (not too bad..) and working on paying them both down. Before these, though, I had literally no help in deciding which companies to choose. I decided to apply with Citi because it was a brand familiar with me (my mom has a Citi card!) and they had sent me a brochure in the mail. Go figure, advertising that actually works for the company. . Now I wonder though if Chase or Cap One would've been a better option, because I really didn't consider all of my options before applying. On a whim, I just sort of applied. Jumped the gun a bit. What about you? Who is your credit card company and what made you decide to go with them?
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