Do you think having alot of money can make you happy?

@Java09 (3080)
United States
January 18, 2010 7:56am CST
Well in my financial crisis,of corse!Then I can get out of debt.Having not to worry about paying bills,is one big relief off my mind.I go thruogh bouts of depression all the time because I don't have any money.I'm always worried where is the money gonna come from to pay my bills.I would be feeling estactic,if I had alot of money.How about you ?Would having alot of money make you happy?
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• United States
18 Jan 10
at present moment,i'd be absolutely delirious. only problem with lots of money is it comes with lots of beggars. i'd share with close friends of course,but you can't help everybody,it's just not possible.
• Estonia
18 Jan 10
I don't think that the money is a key to the happiness. Nothing can make you more happy than your beloved ones and peace around you. But it is still good if you have enough money to live without worrying about tomorrow. I would like to have a little bit bigger income, than I do at the moment. But I don't think my dream is to be a millionaire - it wouldn't be bad, but it would surely have some extra problems coming with big cash.
@inlaviola (241)
• Indonesia
18 Jan 10
i don't have alot money but i think with money we can fell happy. why? because with money we can get anything and everything in life. in this day money is number one in life and money is power in life