went malling

January 18, 2010 9:38am CST
after a couple of weeks, my husband, daughter and i went to the mall. my baby was very excited because she was cooped in the house for a couple of weeks (or even more) because we were exhausted from the holidays. anyway, she shrieked with glee as we browsed through the aisles. we saw some clothes for her that were on sale at half the price, so we bought 3 items for her. clothes that she can wear for several months. they were very nice. we liked 4 items, but i said we have to buy only 2. my husband said that he will shoulder the other one, so i asked my daughter to choose between the yellow one and the pink outfit. after looking at the two colors and looking at me, she pointed at the pink one. hihihi by the way, my baby is only 10 months old! then we got her some plastic replicas of fruits and vegetables so that we can teach her the names. i introduced banana to her tonight and she enjoyed nibbling on the big yellow plastic. she is growing really fast! we have to catch up. :D
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