changing dirty water to clean and drinkable water

pur  - purifier of water
January 18, 2010 10:09pm CST
there is a product that actors are promoting that i saw on tv. it is PUR purifier of water. it is a small sachet of powdered ingredients that make contaminated water potable through coagulation and disinfection. isnt that cool? i dont know yet where to avail it but it is nice to have a few sachet of this for when the stormy season arrive we will not have a hard time to look for clean water to drink. i seen queen latifah demonstrating how to use it and her fund drive is joined by cover girl. i also saw ashley judd talking about this at larry kings show. if you want to read more you can follow this link (not for referal) i hope we can avail this here in the philippines too.
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@dianmelydia (2271)
• Indonesia
19 Jan 10
I think it also depends on how dirt is the water you want to cleaning it up and make it drinkable. However, commonly we can use carbon filter and sand filter for cleaning dirty water. But for making sure whether that water is drinkable which mean healthy for our body, of course we need to have some special peripherals. There's some criteria for clean water and for drinkable water. Commonly industry will following an industry standard for drinkable water which using some bacterias level as indicator. So which one do you want to use, i think it also depends on how is your water current contents. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@checkmail (2041)
• India
19 Jan 10
Hello yellOwbell me too would go through your stated article, as am environment friendly and also like some efficient things.Even in my native place there are some area where water isn't that much clean to drink, even it tastes awful.For now am adding some electrolyte powder to drink water at my native places.Well even in home we try the alum piece in water to get it cleaned, and also boil it before drinking it.Well me too would like to know more about such an tech improvements.Anyways keep it up with your mylotting and also with your water research.Happy mylotting.
@allknowing (84998)
• India
19 Jan 10
Just put a piece of alum in your water and see the results. All dirt will float or sink or whatever.Just strain it out and you get good potable water.I do not know what that powder contains. Perhaps alum under a sophisticated name!