@boomima (227)
January 18, 2010 10:45pm CST
Can anyone tell me the ways to differentiate between an trusted mail and an spam one. One of my friends have been cheated by this spam mail and he regrets now for his mistakes. Also tell me what is pshing, initially i thought it was fishing . Does it connected with cyber crime . Who are all the people engaging in these kinds of activities . What to do when you get this kind of a spam mail from an unknown person, without your knowledge.
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@aerous (13464)
• Philippines
25 Mar 11
In my understanding. Spam or spam mail will be coming from an unidentified source or person which is not known to us. While phishing is an email delivered to our junk or spam mail together with unknown source with viruses... You cannot avoid those things. What you need to do is to deny all of them or delete all those spam mails or phishing not open it to avoid being infected by viruses or any scam that may inserted... I think some people here suggest more...