How long have you cried??

@boomima (227)
January 18, 2010 10:48pm CST
When i was child i used to cry a lot for anything my parents deny me . The longest of my crying was to about 30 minutes continously. How long have you cried and what for have you cried.
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@asliah (11141)
• Philippines
17 Dec 12
hi, i cried a long run crying when i had broke up with my ex lived in partner,it because i felt really hurt and pain in my heart since we separated,the first day that he was gone was the cried that made my eyes swelling,but i am tired now to cry because i am tired to love again.
@greysfreak (1385)
• United States
19 Jan 10
It doesn't take a lot to make me cry. I am very emotional! Usually I don't cry for long periods of time, continuously, usually I will cry for a bit and then be ok but I cry a while later some more. I have cried for really long periods of time while watching my favorite show, Grey's Anatomy, mostly because it is very dramatic, and there have been some really sad episodes. That never fails to set me off, but only in the most extreme situations, I don't cry all the time watching tv, just when something huge happens, or something is really sad. It's just how I am, like I said, I cry very easily, and it seems that my longest cry sessions are triggered by tv/movies, but I think a lot of times, that is just the trigger, and really I just have a lot of built up feelings that I just need to cry out. But yea, I go through phases where I will cry a lot, on and off for days.