what do you think about globalisation?

January 19, 2010 1:57am CST
Do you think globalisation is something good or something wrong? How do you think it will will cause loss of identity and traditions of some small countries? What will tha economical effect be? What are the good and the bad sides?
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@bounce58 (17442)
• Canada
15 Oct 11
Identities of countries, specially the smaller ones, would be left on the wayside. As everybody goes global it eats up all smaller entities, including businesses. But I can't help think that somewhere down the road, there would become a market for local business. Anything with a personalized touch. And that will be the start of the end of globalization.
@didi13 (2921)
• Romania
12 May 11
Globalization is far from our generation but still there will be enough, excessive proliferation of the world population will take it as a necessity rather than a personal ambition of a group, reorganization of the world economy through globalization is a new concept that will take place current system of organizing the world and sees that capitalism began in the form of administrative-territorial socket now. Loss of cultural identity does not show much interest when it comes to survival. Sure, globalization will create monopolistic financial bodies but survival and less need of monopolizing ambitions as a concept that works now.
@laglen (19778)
• United States
19 Jan 10
I think there are far too many ideas of what government should be to us. I think the diversity is a great thing. If you do not like this type of government, you can go to a country that better reflects your opinions, needs and desires. I am truly against globalization unless it would be more like the United States and that wont happen.